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Membership Information

ILANCA is not a for profit enterprise. We are not yet registered as a legal NPO, though this one of our goals. Our finances are open to all members for examination upon request. Membership rates and pricing for additional services are as follows.

  • Membership - $49 per year
  • Technical Database - $10 per month
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Membership Benefits

Becoming a member of ILANCA has many benefits. Members are a part of a wide-reaching community of LAN center owners world wide. The people who are best equipped to help answer questions about LAN centers are the ones who have actually done it! ILANCA prides itself on maintaining an organized, professional community, that provides readily a readily available place to ask questions and gain insight that can help your business grow.

Membership in ILANCA also highlights your LAN center in the global LAN center map . You can also edit and update information about your LAN center, so potential customers can learn about your location easily and quickly.

As an ILANCA member, you can also get a nifty sticker to show your membership!

Technical Database Subscription

The ILANCA Technical Database contains a repository of information that details everything you ever wanted to know about every game ever run in a LAN center. Constantly updated, expanded, and corrected, the Technical Database is a concise and valuable resource for anyone who is involved in IT work in a LAN center.

Get information on DRM and CD key locations for old games, or be informed about upcoming games before they are released. Be prepared to handle any game, and ensure that it runs smoothly and consistently for your customers.