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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What is ILANCA?
  2. When was ILANCA started?
  3. Why was ILANCA started?
  4. Who founded ILANCA?
  5. Why do you have membership fees?

What is ILANCA?

ILANCA is the International LAN Center Association. We are a not-for-profit organization that seeks to provide a place for industry professionals to interact and help each other out. We also collect industry statistics and make them available to our members, as well as game publishers and developers. We also advocate on the behalf of our membership to game publishers and developers to make sure that games are made to work well in a LAN center environment.

When was ILANCA started?

ILANCA was founded in September of 2009.

Why was ILANCA founded?

ILANCA was founded to address the needs of the expanding LAN center industry world wide. Few places existed that provided an accessible, organized, professional place to interact with other members of the LAN center community.

Who founded ILANCA?

ILANCA was founded by Eric Schreffler, Josh Tacey, Charlie Brown, Jeff Cline, and Eric Budnik. Each of them has worked in the LAN center industry for many years and has experience with LAN centers in a wide range of locations.

Why do you have membership fees?

ILANCA is not a profit-seeking organization. We charge a membership fee to cover the cost of website hosting and software, and the cost of advertising ourselves. We also spend some funds on collecting industry statistics, and distributing the results, as well as sending industry information to game publishers and developers. Our financial records are available to any member upon request.

What's with the map thing?

The LAN Map is a searchable database of LAN centers around the world. Anyone can register for a free account and add or edit a listing. If you're an owner you can keep your own listing up to date. If you're a LAN center patron you can add your favorite LAN center to make sure others can find it.

What is the Gamebase?

The ILANCA Gamebase is a repository of information on games and how to run them in a LAN center. This includes everything from EXE name to DRM protection methods, CD key location, PUF configurations, and scripted utilities. LAN center owners all too often have to figure out how to get games to run in a LAN center with little assistance. The Gamebase serves to compile and store all this information so that LAN center owners and technical staff can deploy games faster and more reliably.
(Not to be confused with the Gamerbase UK LAN center chain)